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Cybersecurity framework, MathML3, seismic navigation/velocity data, WITSML StimJob.

ITU-T has announced a new Cybersecurity Information Exchange Framework (CYBEX) to provide a common framework for cybersecurity information exchange. More from

W3C has rolled out V3 of the Mathematical Markup Language. MathML is a component of the W3C’s Open Web Platform, which includes HTML5, CSS, and SVG.

The W3C also got a shot in the arm this month with the global adoption of W3C standards by the International Standards Organization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)ISO/IEC. The organizations ‘have taken steps’ to encourage greater international adoption of W3C standards. W3C is now an ‘ISO/IEC JTC 1 PAS Submitter’, bringing ‘de jure’ standards communities closer to the Internet ecosystem.

The SEG Technical Standards Committee and the Energistics Geophysics Special Interest Group (EGpSIG) are collaborating on a new standard for seismic velocity data exchange in XML and ASCII textual ‘stanzas.’ OGP and SEG are revising the P1/90 and P2/94 navigation data exchange formats to address modern acquisition and processing requirements and circumvent ‘proliferating’ variations of the legacy formats which will be deprecated. More from

Energistics has announced a new WITSML ‘StimJob’ specification for characterizing frac treatment, reporting and summary interpretations. More from

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