Asset Guardian SCM for Technip

Satellite broadband and source code management system for marine PLC control development.

Technip has consolidated source code management for programmable logic controllers on its construction and pipe laying vessels with a software configuration management package, ‘Asset Guardian’ from UK-based Elite Control Systems. Technip was having trouble managing changes to the software that controls engineering processes and equipment—particularly on vessels at sea.

Asset Guardian supports complex software configuration management, reducing risk in process-critical software development and operation in high-value production environments. The system tracks, backs up and protects software, documents and hardware configuration. Built-in ISO 9001 ‘TickIt’ quality assurance tools allow for revision tracking of code, documentation and correspondence. The toolset has been installed on ‘Deep Blue,’—one of the largest pipe laying and subsea construction vessels in the industry. A broadband satellite link provides access to the system to onshore engineers. More from

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