P2 Energy Solutions thrashes out 2011 strategy

Advisory board suggests ‘computer integrated manufacturing’ approach to real time data.

At the P2 Energy Solutions (P2ES) 2010 ‘Ascend’ user conference in San Antonio this month, president and CEO Bret Bolin outlined the company’s ‘four-pronged’ approach to growth to a 500-strong audience. The four areas of growth for P2ES are—capturing value in the field, unconventional drilling efficiencies, improved HSE and regulatory reporting and an international expansion. The new focus emerged from the first meeting of P2ES’ Industry Advisory Board last month where representation from major, mid-, and micro-cap oil and gas clients thrashed out a ‘futuristic’ vision for oil and gas production. The idea is to leverage techniques similar those used in computer integrated manufacturing*, but at distances of hundreds, and even thousands of miles away. One user is already moving toward a ‘canopy of surveillance’ with video feeds from job sites monitoring HSE during drilling activity. Bolin said, ‘Our advisory board is already influencing our decisions about new products and strategic direction. Accurate real-time information is what our business is all about. Companies are also using new information from electronic eyes and ears in the field to accelerate performance improvement.’

One micro-cap client noted how the ‘fast moving complexities’ of leasing, royalties and taxes mandate accurate real-time financial data when locating new shale gas drill-sites. More from www.p2es.com.

* www.oilit.com/links/1011_4

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