OSIsoft 2010 regional seminar—France

French users hear of PI’s growing role in the data center, at BP and chez GDF Suez’ Elengy unit.

OSIsoft’s PI System has a 50% market share in process industries and a growing role in the data center. Ebay for instance has around 11,000 tags for power and cooling—all of which is monitored and optimized with PI/ Microsoft and CISCO likewise use PI to monitor data center power consumption.

PI is moving steadily from its traditional ‘historian’ role to an enterprise infrastructure—with the PI Asset Framework (PI AF). This is concomitant with a move to OPC UA with tools for .NET, Java and SOA developers. Flagship client BP uses PI-AF on a Microsoft stack of SQL Server, Share Point and Office with connectivity provided by PI DataLink into Excel 2010 where the new ‘PowerPivot’ functionality consolidates multiple data sources.

GDF Suez’ liquid natural gas unit (LNG) ‘Elengy’ operates three LNG terminals in France. Before PI deployment, the company was experiencing problems with data from heterogeneous distributed control systems (DCS) and was having a hard time with data archival and information exchange between terminals and applications. Manual data transfers presented security issues and it was hard to comply with a regulatory requirement to keep 10 years of operational data online. Elengy now has a PI system at each site with ten years of data in the historian. Around 5,000 tags are used for activity monitoring which can send email alerts to key personel. Data is consolidated into a national information system—a.k.a. a ‘single version of the truth.’ More from www.osisoft.com.

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