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Oracle has posted some benchmarks for Schlumberger’s Eclipse 300 running on its Sun hardware alongside a 3D Prestack Kirchhoff time migration job. The tests showed a ‘potential opportunity for consolidating applications using Oracle’s grid engine resource scheduling and virtual machine templates’—

Knowledge Reservoir is offering information management services centered on the development of Wiki Portals for its upstream oil and gas clients, leveraging work performed for a major. Portals are built around KR’s template and base content, extended with the client’s own content and best practices—

Version 7.3 of AFE Navigator offers mobile AFE approval from users smart phones along with email reminders and support for 64-bit Windows desktop and server—

John Deere unit Phoenix International’s new Satellite Gateway tracks mobile assets over the Iridium-based Quake Global short-burst low latency data transceiver—

Blueback Reservoir and Earthworks have released ‘ESI,’ a seismic inversion plug in for Petrel. ESI provides deterministic and stochastic inversion algorithms for pre and post stack inversion—

Austin GeoModeling has rolled out a geologic scenario manager (GSM) and a Petrel plug-in for its Recon flagship. GSM provides deterministic analysis of geological uncertainty, automating management of multiple realizations and alternative scenarios—

Ikon Science’s RokDoc 5.5 release bundles Statoil’s rock physics templates, a ‘foundation for clastic lithological analysis and improved rock physics modeling’—

ExxonMobil has released ‘Fuel Finder,’ an iPhone app providing drivers with real-time maps, driving directions and station information for more than 10,000 US gas stations—

V 2.0 of GE’s ‘Proficy’ package claims to reduce the cost of process control in verticals including oil and gas. System integrators, OEMs and end users can create re-usable blocks and graphics tailored to their own processes—

Geosoft’s new Exploration Information Management Solution (EIMS) bundles professional services, geophysical workflows and the DAP Server for hosted potential field and image data—

Geomodeling Technology’s AttributeStudio 6.6 now includes microseismic data analysis and fracture modeling software for unconventional oil and gas exploration—

Hyperion’s upgraded interface to Yokogawa’s Centum DCS platform now offers support Prosafe-RS, Field Bus device display, configurable alarming and record and playback operator actions—

Moblize’s real-time drilling operations center is manned by ‘experts in Witsml data transfers’—

A new release of Neuralog’s eponymous well log digitizing system includes ‘intuitive tools’ for capturing lithology tracks, ROP, gas curves and associated text. New ‘auto-stream’ tracing aids capture of ‘difficult’ curves—

Badger Explorer reports a ‘successful’ demonstration of its improbable autonomous drilling device, ‘processing drill fluid and compacting solids into a plug’ while fully submerged—

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