FUSE XStreamline—seismic data management solution

New tool promises enhanced data shipping and simultaneous project and database loading.

Jamie Cruise unveiled Fuse Information Management’s ‘XStreamline’ seismic data management solution at last month’s ECIM data management conference in Haugesund. XStreamline takes a bottom-up approach to solving the everyday issues confronting the asset team. The system replaces traditional paper transmittals and email communication with a ‘collaborative e-transmittal’ solution that captures key metadata before data is shipped. The metadata can be used to kick off project workflows and also to populate a corporate data store. Once in-house, XStreamline initiates the data loading process including QC and validation in a semi-automated process.

By simultaneously populating both projects and the corporate data store, XStreamline avoids potential delays and ensures that the CDS is up to date. Fuse claims that the tool avoids the need for highly skilled data managers and extensive toolkits of data loading utilities. XStreamline offers tools to enable users to ‘find, use, share and explore’ (FUSE!) their data which can be loaded to applications ‘in a single click.’ Once data is in-house, XStreamline provides a standards-based workflow management platform that integrates datastores, applications and (currently) middleware such as OpenSpirit. But Fuse’s mid-term aim is to add client software and replace existing middleware with its own data services. More from www.fuseim.com.

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