Petrel—the data ‘missing link’?

Blueback Reference Project Tracker—data management plug-in for Schlumberger’s flagship.

Speaking at the 2010 ECIM data management conference last month, Ketil Waagbø (Blueback Reservoir) observed that Petrel’s proprietary, flat file format makes the product ‘fast and popular,’ but creates problems for data management. User ‘freedom’ can lead to data duplication as projects are scattered around the network. The data manager’s challenge is of lost control over proliferating projects and data.

Blueback Reservoir’s data management toolset—the ‘Blueback Reference Project Tracker’ (BRPT) uses the new Petrel Reference Project and the Ocean API to add ‘proper’ data management to Petrel. This lets companies enforce corporate naming conventions, rename existing Petrel objects, set well symbols and report on Petrel projects. BRPT can be used to set and track goals for data management and cleanup. The BRPT plug-in can be scripted to run in batch mode across multiple Petrel projects and also exposes Ocean functionality such as coordinate reference system and units management. BRPT also offers data management metrics to track project progress. BRPT is scheduled for commercial release in Q4, 2010 and will be available from the Ocean Store. More from

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