Elsevier GeoFacets—search for maps inside geoscience Journals

New tool offers oil and gas geologists Google Map-based search. IHS basin outlines bundled.

‘GeoFacets’ search tool was developed for key oil and gas users of Elsevier’s huge geoscience collection (65,000 articles from 31 earth science Journals.) In addition to the usual keyword search of titles and abstracts, Elsevier has digitized, indexed and georeferenced every map appearing in the body of an article’s text—currently around 117,000 maps. A user seeking information on the ‘Niger Delta’ for instance will see all articles containing ‘Niger Delta’ in all the text—including map captions. Maps appear as overlays in a Google Map interface and can be downloaded as georeferenced GeoTiffs for import into Esri’s ArcMap.

Product manager Phoebe McMellon told Oil IT Journal, ‘We have partnered with IHS to add its petroleum basin glossary and outlines to GeoFacets—further enhancing search. We interviewed hundreds of geologists to establish work practices and requirements.’ A pilot is underway to enable Elsevier’s clients to georeference their own maps in reports and internal documents. Watch the GeoFacets video on www.oilit.com/links/1010_6.

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