Drillinginfo hosts data and Tibco Spotfire business analytics

Webinar hears how data visualization and business analytics ‘liberate’ users from Excel.

In a webinar this month, Tibco Spotfire and Drillinginfo teamed to show how data visualization is used to find meaning in data and liberate users from Excel ‘hell.’ Combining Spotfire analytics with Drillinginfo’s live data feeds avoids the need for local copies of data and the risk of out-of-date analyses. Spotfire provides multiple clues and hints to investigators with map-based representations of production data and mouse-over pop-ups showing well or oilfield metadata.

Four data dimensions can be viewed simultaneously and controls used to highlight, say, the top six producers. Data drill down is used to investigate trends and root cause analysis. A click on a trend line shows which wells are involved in a particular event.

Established workflows can be saved as a library file and made available to other users. Analysts don’t need a local copy of Spotfire, they just log on to the web player. Various real world scenarios were demoed—which Eagleford shale operators are selling, where they are located relative to the oil window, what neighboring acreage is about to expire and so on.

At the Spotfire Energy Forum earlier this year Jeff Mathews described how similar functionality has been embedded in Chevron’s integrated reservoir analysis and visualization environment (iRAVE). iRAVE is used to perform due diligence during acquisitions. More from www.spotfire.com.

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