Baker Hughes builds-out geoscience interpretation suite

‘First true shared earth model’ spans geoscience, finite element analysis and fluid flow simulation.

Speaking at the SPE ATCE in Florence, Jonathan Zwaan enumerated some of Baker Hughes Inc.’s (BHI) recent acquisitions in the upstream software space including JOA Jewel Suite, GMI and most recently, Meyer & Associates. The acquired toolset is to integrate BHI’s Reservoir Description Service (RDS) unit and will be ported to the ‘Jewel Suite framework,’ now a platform for seismic to simulation (STS) workflows.
One differentiator in BHI’s STS offering is the finite element geomechanical modeling from GMI and the integration of tetrahedral meshes with Dassault Systèmes’ Abaqus finite element analysis toolset. Workflows on show included quick look reservoir screening in IMEX/CMG along with multi point geostatistics with Iphasia. A ‘multi scenario’ ensemble Kalman filter has been developed with TNO.

Calculations pass back and forth from grids to tetrahedral meshes, with Abaqus results feeding back into the simulator. BHI is also working with major clients to include their own workflows. Jewel Suite offers copy/paste and version control of interpretation objects. WITSML is used to stream micro seismic data from BHI’s PSFusion/Magnitude units for shale gas frac monitoring. Is this the first ‘true shared earth model’? Zwaan thinks BHI is getting close thanks to Jewel’s mature SDK. BHI’s RDS unit includes the 2008 Gaffney Cline acquisition. More from

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