Zebra launches personnel safety solution for process industry

People on board/in plant solution uses ultra-wide band radio for pinpoint location and head count.

Zebra Enterprise Solutions (ZES) launched its Personnel Safety Solution (PSS) at the Process Safety in E&P and Petrochemical Facilities Conference in Houston last month. PSS leverages the location accuracy of ultra-wide band (UWB) radio technology to track all on-site workers, visitors and truckers and to exclude access to dangerous areas. PSS automates safety processes and real-time hazard detection and incident management. Operators receive notifications when personnel enter dangerous areas without permit. PSS also counts and locates thousands of people in real time as they assemble in evacuation areas, providing coordination of evacuation procedures and emergency teams.

PSS is also used in ‘what-if’ exercises to run real world scenarios through software analysis, visualizing the location of assets and personnel following an incident to discover spatial patterns. The solution also provides reporting on safety violations and compliance issues, providing feedback on improvements to evacuation processes. The Dart UWB product is ATEX certified for use in harsh, dense metal environments, and in the presence of explosive gases. One leading oil and gas client has deployed PSS to improve work and visitor safety at a 125,000 square-foot facility. More from www.oilit.com/links/1010_7.

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