Barco, VidSys offer physical security information management

Control room management suite’s display wall extended with AV over IP security monitoring.

Barco has teamed with VidSys on a real-time situation visibility for the control room. Barco has extended its ‘TransForm N’ visualization platform and CMS-200 software with VidSys’ physical security information management (PSIM) system. PSIM marries physical security device management with automation and artificial intelligence. PSIM systems analyze information from physical security devices, with a regard for automatic or manual resolution.

The project sees integration of Barco’s display wall technology with security camera feeds. Operators can control and view content from PSIM on the display wall from any workstation on the network. The result is a large common operating view of all parts of a facility and current status.

VidSys senior VP Dave Fowler said, ‘The integration of PSIM the Barco video wall creates a world-class solution for control rooms real-time visibility is critical.’ Barco’s CMS-200 control room management suite provides operators with configurable access to plant information. Audio-Visual over IP technology makes for flexible deployment. Barco expects to finalize integration partnerships with other security applications companies in the coming months. More from

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