Kadme WhereOil plug in for Petrel

ECIM attendees hear of Petrel extension for project metadata management and search.

Speaking at the 2010 ECIM data management conference last month, Vasily Borisov introduced Kadme’s WhereOil plug-in for Petrel. WhereOil for Petrel generates metadata for all Petrel projects including information such as date modified and interpreter’s name. WhereOil spiders Petrel projects on a daily basis, indexing such metadata and ‘spatializing’ seismic cube and grid outlines, wells and tops. The technology targets data reuse by tracking previous work and avoiding re-work. WhereOil sets out to help data managers build a Petrel ‘master’ project of quality controlled, spatialized information in Petrel by exposing quality indicators such as ‘projects without name,’ ‘no CRS,’ ‘unrecognized well.’ Top quality projects can be integrated into a GIS, dashboard, or a business intelligence application via the WhereOil REST API. WhereOil has seen take-up in the national data repository space with deployments for Colombia’s ANH and the Nordics ArcticWeb project. An agreement with Tata Consulting allows for enterprise scale support. Watch the WhereOil video on www.oilit.com/links/1010_8.

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