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WellEz, Fugro, Petris, Aveva, Ikon, Rose, AGM, Hampson-Russel, JOA, SDI, Neuralog, Petrolink and more.

WellEz Information Management has announced a new entry-level service of pre-configured reports for its hosted WellEz.NET data collection service.

Airo Wireless has rolled-out an ‘intrinsically safe’ A25 cell phone for hazardous environments. The A25 offers secure telephony, ‘Push-to-Talk,’ GPS and telematics in a ruggedized Windows Mobile PDA handset.

IPC Petroleum Consultants has published a model and report on medium and long term worldwide oil and gas supply and demand including appraisal of oil and gas reserves and assessments of offshore and unconventional potential reserves.

Fugro-Jason released a new version of the Jason Geoscience Workbench (JGW) AVO attribute analysis, full waveform synthetics and enhancements including a new spectral decomposition module.

PetrisWINDS Enterprise (PWE) V 6.2 has been upgraded to leverage the ArcGIS engine for geo-processing. A ‘Google-like’ function allows for search across enterprise data assets. The 5.3 release of Recall includes workflow, search and uncertainty analysis. New ‘Raven’ and ‘Impetus’ modules provide data quality and entry-level image log analysis for casual users. Petris has also released a movie ( showing its PWE ‘OneTouch’ data explorer.

Transpara has extended its Visual KPI wireless data link to provide Palm Pre users with on-demand operations, financial and infrastructure data via the new phone’s Palm webOS-based browser.

Aveva has enhanced its Plant portfolio with across the board product improvements. Aveva PDMS users can now share data with users of Aveva’s Marine portfolio, providing offshore oil and gas users with enhanced standardization and flexibility in the way they work with project partners.

Golden Software has released V9.0 of its ‘Surfer’ entry-level contouring and 3D mapping package. Surfer converts XYZ data into contour, 3D surface, 3D wireframe, vector, image, shaded relief, and post maps. New features include map layer opacity, georeferenced image (GeoTIFF) support and on-the-fly projection system conversions. Surfer 9 costs $699 or $229 for an upgrade.

Ikon Science has released a 64 bit RokDoc plug-in for Petrel 2009 for Vista and XP.

Output from Rose and Associates’ MMRA package can now be mapped using Priemere’s ‘Power Tool for ArcGIS.’

The 3.1 release of Austin Geomodeling’s Recon geological interpretation applicatons introduces ‘cascade technology’ for multiple ‘what-if’ structural scenario evaluation.

Golder Associates has announced FracMan ‘reservoir edition’ with discrete fracture network-based workflows for reservoir characterization, reserve evaluation and well and EOR planning.

Gaea Technologies has announced StrataExplorer, a subsurface mapping and resource or contaminant evaluation package for use in the environmental, geotechnical, mining, oil sands, and petroleum industries. Optional modules are available for well logs, cross sections, gridding and contouring.

Hampson-Russell is migrating its voluminous training material to ‘GeoBook,’ an ajunct to its new ‘paperless’ AVO/lithology workshops. GeoBook, a laptop PC, with note taking functionality is included in the price of HR’s training sessions.

IPCOS has announced ‘INCA Discovery’ a new model identification utility for the management and analysis of process data and dynamic process models. Discovery provides model post processing, trending and improved process realism.

JOA’s JewelSuite 2009 has achieved Windows 7 compatibility and has won a ‘Compatible with Windows 7’ logo from Microsoft. Windows 7 is scheduled for release ‘real soon now.’

SDI now supports Neuralog’s NeuraLaserColor printer in its Print Master and Office APS products offering unlimited length printing from Solaris, Linux and Windows.

Octaga’s Enterprise 2.2.5 release now offers a ‘pipeline follow,’ used to visualize a pig transiting any line in a processing plant. The feature was based on requirements from Chevron and service provider Epic Integrated Solutions Inc.

Meridium ‘s 2.1 release of its joint SAP development Reliability Centered Maintenance and Optimization (RCMO) integrates fully with SAP’s Enterprise Asset Management solution. Users include Abu Dhabi Gas.

Canary Labs has announced Trend Historian 8.0 with a 3.6 million updates/second write bandwidth and scalability to 1 million tags and 100 ns resolution.

Petrolink has released its PetroDAQ system to convert rig sensors output to WITSML. The system is currently under test with ADCO in Abu Dhabi.

WellPoint Systems has announced the Intelligent Dashboard, a front end to corporate data and KPIs powered by SQL Reporting Services and data cube technology that aggregates data and measurements from WellPoint’s and third party applications.

Calsep has teamed with Neotec to couple PVTsim’s flash module with Neotec’s PipeFlo, WellFlo and ForGas simulators.

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