Three new services extend hosted rig site data offering

IDS Data Net has introduced modules for well completion, logistics and data analysis.

IDS has extended its DataNet2 hosted drilling data reporting system (OITJ Jan 09) with modules for completions and well intervention reporting, logistics and planning and data analysis. All three components share information in the DataNet2 database.

ProNet, the new completions and well intervention reporting services, launched by IDS adds an integrated drawing package and campaign life-cycle manager to IDS’ reporting tools. The Campaign Manager component, IDS life-cycle and well integrity tracking service, gives the completions engineer a full history of the well from spud to abandonment.

The hosted service offers ‘Web2’ functionality to provide, for example, ‘time-tracked’ borehole visualization, an on-screen walk through of the entire well construction and intervention history, accessible through a slider bar.

The StockNet component a logistical planning solution exposes a master equipment list that can be shared by all stakeholders. The StockNet purchasing tool allows users to raise purchase orders, whilst a link to the IDS CostNet service allows the raising of invoices. Manifests and load-out lists are created by drag and drop, eliminating the problems of creating multiple spreadsheets. StockNet integrates with other purchasing systems including SAP.

IDS’ Business Development Manager Yew Huey Kang commented, ‘Our experience tells us that if a system is too cumbersome then sooner or later people will revert to using a spreadsheet. With so many inconsistencies and variables in our industry, there is a real need for reliability and a consistency of approach.’

Finally, VisNet adds ‘advanced data analysis’ to IDS’ offering. Features include trend analysis, a drag-and-drop query builder and more. IDS CTO Reuben Wee claimed, ‘VisNet enables clients to really make the most of their data in a fast and simple manner.’ More from

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