EON Reality—VR training for geologists, seismic profilers

Virtual reality specialist supplies rock outcrop and vertical seismic profile simulators.

Irvine, CA-based EON Reality has developed a virtual reality training system (VRTS) for Saudi Aramco. The system simulates real-world objects such as drilling rigs, borehole sub assemblies and even rock outcrops. Aramco has prioritized two use cases for the VRTS, in rock outcrop simulation and planning vertical seismic profiles (VSP).

The rock outcrop simulator leverages high resolution LIDAR data to provide multiple levels of detail, texture-mapping and Interactive navigation and manipulation of the 3D model. The VSP is a key technique used to calibrate and tie-in a seismic survey to well data. The new solution provides a ‘realistic and detailed’ environment for demonstrating and training users on VSP acquisition. The simulator embeds basic physics and wave propagation through rocks and ‘fully functional’ equipment as used on-site. The VRTS simulates the VSP acquisition processes with real-time feedback in a scalable 3D environment and interfaces to existing geo science applications.

The system is now being extended to other applications such as training and retention of drilling procedures, borehole assembly and surface facility design and improved safety. The VRTS provides a scalable 3D VR environment from laptop, through 3D power wall to immersive four wall ‘ICUBE’ environments. EON Reality clients include Atlas Copco, BP, Bechtel, Boeing and Intel. More from www.eonreality.com.

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