Invensys outsources 400 employees, rolls-out Olga/Dynsim interface

Cognizant now ‘global development partner’. Another deal links DynSim with SPT’s Olga.

Invensys has signed a five-year agreement with Cognizant, a provider of consulting, technology and business outsourcing, to help improve the design, development and delivery of its products worldwide. Cognizant will serve as Invensys’ global development partner.

Cognizant is to recruit 400 Invensys development and maintenance employees. The outsourcing includes Invensys’ Hyderabad development team. Invensys CEO Sudipta Bhattacharya said, ‘This relationship will accelerate our ability to expand capacity and move into adjacent markets. Customers and partners should see no difference in our products or their working relationship with us. By leveraging our combined expertise and capabilities customers should benefit in terms of faster time-to-market on new solutions, innovation, resources and a deeper focus on the design and development of our strategic product portfolio.’

In a separate announcement, Invensys has introduced an improved multi-phase flow simulator for the upstream oil and gas market. The new solution links Invensys’ DynSim simulator with SPT Group’s flagship Olga multi-phase simulator of wells, pipelines and receiving facilities.

Invensys VP Tobias Scheele said, ‘The new interface includes improved numerical integration, drag-and-drop configuration and the ability to view dynamic profiles of key Olga parameters within DynSim.’

Use cases targeted by the new solution include design, control system checkout and operator training of platforms, FPSOs, subsea-to-beach and the new floating LNG plants. Flow assurance engineers can now build holistic models of such complex assets and ‘virtually test’ the plant’s integrated process and control systems - reducing control system commissioning time. More from

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