IBM rolls-out IIF

IBM is officially rolling out its long anticipated ‘semantic model-based’ Integrated Information Framework for chemicals and petroleum.

IBM’s Chemical and Petroleum Integrated Information Framework (a.k.a. the IBM Chem and Petro Framework) is a software platform that lets users build integrated solutions leveraging common processes and services to offer real-time visibility of equipment, provide enterprise-wide access to real-time processes and key performance indicators, federated information across multiple assets and increase production through enterprise wide, event-based information.

The ‘standards-based’ platform leverages a reference semantic model of process equipment that is custom built for each facility. IBM’s service oriented architecture blends model components and real time data. Semantic models have been built for scenarios including monitoring well field and platform rotating equipment, turnaround optimization and integrated asset management.

IBM’s ILOG JViews Diagrammer graphical environment is used to design and execute the models—providing a control-room like view of the asset. ILOG, a French software house, was acquired by IBM earlier this year. More on the IIF in our July 2009 issue and on IBM’s SOA offering on page 4.

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