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New from PODS, US Dept of Transportation, API, Energistics and SEG

Speaking at the fall meet of the Pipeline Open Data Standard Association (PODS), John Jacobi of the US Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety (PHMS) reported on PHMSA transformation to a ‘risk-based and data-driven organization.’ This centers on a new ‘One Rule’ regulatory reporting environment that is intended to ‘promote consistency in incident reporting for gas transmission and distribution systems, liquid transmission systems, and LNG facilities.’ The goal is for PHMSA to collect better data necessary to analyze trends in pipeline damages and incidents. The new regime sees the creation of a National Registry of Pipeline and LNG Operators, LNG incident reporting and new forms for safety and offshore pipeline condition reporting. One Rule also sees mandatory electronic report filing. More from links/0909_5.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has rolled out a new website to provide users of API-certified products an opportunity to ‘confidentially communicate’ concerns they may have regarding nonconformance with API’s specifications and standards. Whistleblowers can log on at

Energistics has kicked-off a new ‘Standards for Energy Industry Use of Metadata’ initiative that sets out to provide stakeholders with an opportunity to improve operational efficiency within the community through ‘pragmatic and judicious adoption of metadata standards and best practices.’ The initiative promises a future in which all stakeholders exploit a common set of metadata standards and guidelines to enable efficient cataloging, discovery, evaluation, and retrieval of available information resources, regardless of whether those resources are hosted internally or externally to their organization. More from links/0909_6.

Energistics’ is also working on Services Version 2.0 of the PRODML Standard notably with specifications for ‘limited capabilities of a shared asset model concept.’ The new release will include means to query instances of shared asset model services for available components.

Project leader Jill Lewis (Troika) announces that the SEG-D 3.0 seismic acquisition standard has been submitted for final approval and ratification. Lewis emphasizes that processors and data managers and navigation specialists should familiarize themselves with the new standard asap.

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