ExxonMobil’s programming requirements

Job posting offers peek at what’s hot in supermajor’s R&D unit.

Job ads and Facebook postings provide an interesting way of finding out what companies are up to in the IT field. The usually somewhat secretive ExxonMobil opened up some in a recent job advertised in the venerable Oil and Gas Journal. Exxon’s Annandale, NJ-based Research and Engineering company is seeking to hire optimization and logistics engineers to work on supply chain optimization using ‘large-scale, mixed integer programming.’ Required tools of the trade include C++/Java, SQL on DB2, Teradata and Informix for data analysis. As if that didn’t narrow down the field enough, a further requirement of ‘experience of railroad industry forecasting’ should just about nail down the perfect candidate. But will a railroad industry forecaster be reading the O&GJ’s small ads one wonders?

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