BP Logix Workflow Director standardizes business processes

Oilfield chemicals provider moves from email to workflow-based HR, accounting and IT.

Oilfield chemicals provider Multi-Chem has selected BP Logix’ Workflow Director application to to improve its business processes. Workflow Director will be used to create workflows and forms to support business users across HR, accounting and IT. Previously, Multi-Chem users accessed information on capital expenditures, new hire authorizations, time off, training requests and expense forms through its company portal. But Multi-Chem wanted to improve on email as a means to track the status of a request and turned to a workflow-based solution, based on currently used processes and control.

Fernando Coronado, Muti-Chem’s applications manager, said, ‘All of our processes are now captured with Workflow Director and are more fluid and efficient. Our forms are less likely to get lost - and everyone knows where to find the forms in order to complete them. Take-up of the new intuitive, browser-based system has been great. Workflow Director is a very powerful tool.’ More from www.bplogix.com.

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