Red Hat Enterprise Linux powers YPF Gas’ IT

80% of company’s Oracle databases and 90% of Oracle solutions now Linux-based.

Reposl-YPF’s Argentina-based YPF Gas unit migrated from ‘proprietary’ UNIX operating systems to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). As Adriana Marisa Vazquez, responsible for the UNIX administration group at YPF explained, ‘At YPF, decisions are made only after thorough testing and research, and the IT team had to prove the migration from the old proprietary servers to the new platform would pose no risk to the reliability, availability and performance of the systems. We chose RHEL for a number of reasons, especially its lower costs, simplified management and compatibility with our SAP and Oracle solutions.’

Today, over 80% of YPF Gas’ Oracle databases and 90% of its SAP applications run on RHEL. The new deployment also leverages RHEL’s virtualization capabilities. YPF Gas is now able to virtualize servers for testing and development and can rapidly deploy a virtualized server live into production. YPF Gas also utilizes the Red Hat Network systems management solution. Red Hat’s consultants helped out with the implementation. More from

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