Siemens’ operational intelligence for Korean refiner

SIMATIC XHQ centerpiece of big picture ‘Visualized Operations Intelligence System.’

SK Energy, one of the largest oil and gas companies in the Asia-Pacific has built a ‘Visualized Operations Intelligence System’ (VOIS) for its principal refinery and production complex at Ulsan. VOIS leverages Siemens’ SIMATIC IT XHQ operations intelligence infrastructure to bring together data from SKE’s tanker jetty, processing storage and offloading facilities. VOIS aggregates operational data across the vast Ulsan Complex. VOIS replaces SKE’s legacy IT, business and process monitoring systems which were point solutions operating in data silos. VOIS implementation took four months and included localization of some documentation from Korean to English, the plant’s working language. The system monitors 70 process units and supports around 1000 users.

SKE is now looking to install a second plant-wide XHQ system at its Incheon refinery complex and throughout its Seoul operational HQ. Other flagship XHQ users include Exxon and Saudi Aramco which deploys the toolset across the whole scope of its operations from the well head to loading terminal. XHQ forms the backbone of Aramco’s high-end control room that featured in a CBS video last year ( More from

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