ENRG launches web-based rigsite noise monitoring service

New high-end audio monitoring of rig noise can mitigate cost of compliance.

Dallas-based ENRG has announced a web-based real-time noise monitoring service for oil and gas drillers. The patent-pending service enables operators to react ‘proactively’ to potential sound issues created by drilling or completion operations, by providing round the clock access to well noise data from personal computers or cell-phones. Noise monitoring uses high end Brüel and Kjær equipment and solar powered wireless telemetry. Data is recorded in WAV format.

ENRG flagship clients XTO Energy and Range Resources are using the new service to monitor their drilling and frac operations in the Barnet and Haynesville shale areas. Both involve urban and high-impact operations and are now subject to stringent city ordinances governing the impact of drilling noise on their communities. ENRG’s monitoring technology provides alerts when noise levels exceed compliance levels, allowing operators to change drilling parameters and prepare responses to complaints. Continuous tracking allows operators to fully utilize allowable intermittent noise thresholds and can avoid the compulsory installation of sound proofing. More from www.enrgconsultants.com/nmt.html.

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