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Fieldbus teams with Prolist, Energistics call on shared asset model, Yokogawa backs ISA 100.11a.

Process standards body the Fieldbus Foundation has announced a ‘copyright agreement’ with Prolist International that allows Prolist to publish Fieldbus parameter names and definitions in own process control device and system specifications and database. Prolist’s lists of properties in process control engineering provide standardized descriptions of process control and instrumentation equipment. More from


Energistics has issued a call for participation for a PRODML special interest group (SIG) to work on the definition of production component types. Members and interested subject matter experts are invited to help formulate the classification. The work is to facilitate a ‘Shared Asset Model’ service provision concept providing a means to query asset models for installed components More from


Yokogawa Electric Corp. has hung its hat on the recently approved ISA100.11a wireless communication standard for process industries. Yokogawa is developing a new field digital network platform that sets out to solve wireless network compatibility issues and ease integration of wired and wireless technologies. ISA100.11a benefits include high reliability, an IPv6 foundation and compatibility with existing non-wireless protocols including Foundation Fieldbus, Hart, Profibus and Modbus. More from and

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