XpoSim announced

Consultant LMKR is commercializing an E&P training simulator originally developed for on-boarding ‘Gen-Y’ new hires to its own workforce.

LMKR, a Dubai-headquartered consultancy has rolled-out XpoSim, a computer-based training tool that was originally developed in-house for internal use. The company notes that today’s university output falls short of industry requirements—hence the need for a new training toolset tuned to ‘Gen-Y’ new hires with a predilection for cell phones and gaming.

Simulators are already well established in aviation, healthcare and for preparing workers for the hazards of offshore work. Now simulator use is extending to workflows such as capturing knowledge from a retiring workforce. LMKR has leveraged gaming technology to build an ‘extensive repository’ of upstream workflows and solutions. XpoSim, an exploration simulation game is used to familiarize trainees with upstream workflows and concepts. Trainees start with an exploration block, acquire seismic, interpret, propose drilling locations and perform economic evaluations. Companies can load their own data. The system also provides metrics of users activity in what is described as a ‘continuous improvement process.’ More from www.lmkr.com.

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