KOC migrates models from ECLIPSE to Nexus

Multi-field models combine with surface pipeline and facilities models on North Kuwait ISAM project.

Writing in the latest issue of Kuwait Oil Co.’s ‘Digest’ magazine, Abdulaziz Al-Dhuwaihi describes the North Kuwait Integrated Multi-Simulation Asset Model project as one of the most advanced reservoir simulation exercises ever undertaken. ISAM sets out to improve production forecasts by integrating full physics models of all producing reservoirs with surface networks and facilities. Before IMSAM, fields were modeled independently without network constraints.

14 Nexus simulation models were converted from ECLIPSE. Seven major full field models (five in Eclipse and two in VIP) were converted and tested for conformity with the original models. Another team worked on the surface network of pipelines and separators. The final model allowed wells to be switched from one separator to the next as water cut dictated—or from gas lift to ESP operation as required. The exercise provided insights into network constraints on water disposal under different scenarios.

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