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Fuse, DPTS, Invensys, Venture, Kadme, VSG, Paradigm, Tecplot, HP, dGB, Neotec, Entero, Aspen, Kongsberg.

FUSE Information Management’s XStreamline solution offers repeatable, collaborative E&P workflows to capture, integrate and share company knowledge. The solution embeds an open source Lucene search engine.

DPTS’ ‘Exploration Archives’ service provides web access to clients’ digital and hard copy data hosted and managed at DPTS’ UK facility. EA’s original data footprint was seismic survey ancillary data but the service is being extended to other data types. Flagship clients are PetroCanada UK and Venture Production Plc.

Invensys SimSci’s PRO/II 8.3 chemical process simulator has added localized language configurability for its user interface. According to VP Tobias Scheele, ‘Research shows that local language deployment improves engineer’s understanding and productivity.’ The release also enhances links with Pipephase.

Venture Information Management has extended its consultant’s ‘V-Kit’ data quality tool with more quality rules, QC functions for seismic navigation data, LAS files spidering and ‘V-CATS,’ a core and well test database.

Kadme has announced Petrel and Kingdom ‘Data for Whereoil’ tools for enhanced data management and project search across Schlumberger and SMT’s flagship applications.

V2.0 of Interactive Net Mapping’s OilElefant now links to ZebraDat’s VuVault, embedding data management technology developed for the ‘EzDataRoom’ service.

The V8.0 release of VSG’s (formerly Mercury) Open Inventor has added many new features notably a computing framework for multi-threaded apps on multicore CPU and CUDA architectures.

RokDoc 5.4 from Ikon Science sports an improved Petrel plug-in, Bayesian seismic to lithology transforms and a 3D stochastic and spectral inversion module. Users can now run their own algorithms within RokDoc.

Paradigm has announced GeoDepth Tomography, a ‘next-generation’ grid-based model builder for large, complex seismic velocity models.

Tecplot’s RS 2009 reservoir engineering pre-post processor has added an interface to Coates Engineering’s ‘Sensor’ fluid flow modeler. The interface was developed by consultants from The Strickland Group.

HP has announced a six-core AMD Opteron 2400-based workstation, the HP xw9400. A 12 core dual processor option is claimed to offer a 34% power/performance hike over previous quad-core units.

ffA’s SEA 3D Pro 2009 seismic stratigraphic analysis package is available under Linux.

dGB’s OpendTect is now supplied in a three tier license structure, a GNU/GPL base system license, a commercial edition for plug-in developers and academic license. dGB described the 3.4 OpendTect release due next month as ‘a complete seismic interpretation system that can compete with any commercial system.’

Calgary-based Neotec is to embed Calsep’s PVTsim ‘open structure’ flash module in its PipeFlo, WellFlo and ForGas simulators. The toolset targets multi and single phase pipelines and oil and gas wells and gas field deliverability forecasting.

The 2009 refresh of Entero’s ‘Mosaic’ oil and gas evaluations and reserve management system speeds calculation of large datasets ‘5 to tenfold.’ Other enhancements have been made to sensitivity analysis, user-defined reporting, royalty calculation and decline analysis.

AspenTech’s AspenOne V7 manufacturing and supply chain (MSC) extends the integrated refinery planning and scheduling solution to the supply chain. Token-based licensing and support for virtualization technologies from Microsoft, VMware and Citrix have reduced deployment time. Marathon Oil’s Phil Koenig said, ‘Each organization, refining, supply and marketing, now feels that supply chain decisions are fairly made. MSC’s high-fidelity organizational models allow us to accurately determine incentives, costs and impact of supply chain decisions.’

Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies has launched K-Spice, a ‘next generation’ dynamic process simulation tool. K-Spice combines functionality from Kongsberg’s D-SPICE and ASSETT lifecycle simulation solutions

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