NVIDIA, Supermicro launch Tesla server. Petrobras backs GPU

Petrobras has deployed 190 Tesla node GPU cluster. New server class claims 2 teraflop/1U rack.

Petrobras has endorsed seismic data processing on NVIDIA’s ‘Tesla’ graphics processing units (GPU) and has invested in a GPU-based cluster consisting of 190 NVIDIA Tesla nodes. Petrobras’ geophysical technology manager Neiva Zago said, ‘With our GPU cluster we are getting performance improvements of 5x to 20x over our traditional multi-core CPU-based cluster. We expect that the continued use of GPUs in our business will result in significant reduction in processing time as well as savings in power consumption and datacenter floor space.’ Petrobras expects scalable increases in GPU performance will continue as it hikes its datacenter bandwidth to over 400 teraflops.

In a separate announcement, NVIDIA has teamed with Supermicro to deliver a ‘new class’ of server combining Tesla GPUs with multi-core CPUs. A 12 fold performance hike over a quad-core CPU-based server is claimed. The SuperServer 6016T-GF was unveiled at Computex 2009 in Taiwan this month. The 1U rackmount unit offers a claimed 2-Teraflop capacity. More from www.nvidia.com.

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