Terraspark Geosciences to market 3D seismic Data Showcase

Cut-down edition of InsightEarth provides vendors with seismic data visualization for the laptop.

TerraSpark Geosciences is offering a cut-down edition of its InsightEarth 3D seismic data interpretation package to seismic data vendors and others who require a high end ‘read-only’ display of seismic data volumes. TerraSpark Data Showcase helps seismic processing companies and data vendors communicate the results of their imaging efforts to clients and prospective customers.

Data Showcase displays 3-D volumes along with land grids, lease blocks, and other cultural information on a laptop. Clients can scroll through data volumes, previewing data and selecting an area of interest for purchase. Multiple attribute volumes can be displayed side-by-side or corendered for comparison. Data is encrypted prior to installation on the PC and decrypted on the fly for display. More from www.terraspark.com.

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