Bull teams with ffA, new family of HPC blades rolls out

Deal targets data-driven seismic interpretation. Bull-X Extreme Computing announced.

Bull and Foster Findlay Associates (FFA) have teamed to port FFA’s 3D seismic analysis software to Bull’s GPU-based hybrid supercomputers. FFA’s high performance computing (HPC) tuned software and a ‘data driven’ approach to 3D seismic interpretation are claimed to provide a productivity step change in geoscience interpretation.

FFA MD Jonathan Henderson said, ‘Bull brings an innovative approach to systems design, incorporating computational power and scalability with advanced interactive visualization features. The challenge of extracting meaningful information from seismic data will be significantly advanced by using automated HPC techniques in real or near real time.’

Bull’s latest ‘extreme computing’ engine, the Bull-X family of blade supercomputers was announced this month. Bull-X promises scalability from teraflop to multi-petaflop bandwidth in a variety of configurations including Intel Xeon 5500 Nehalem processors and GPUs. Bull-X runs under a cluster controller developed by Bull using ‘open source and standard components.’ More from www.ffa.co.uk, www.oilit.com/links/0906_9 and pascale.bernier-bruna@bull.net.

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