IT/comms onboard Halliburton’s Stim Star Angola newbuild

Remote collaboration and software portfolio supports high-end frac, sand control for deepwater.

Halliburton has kindly supplied Oil IT Journal with more information on the IT and communications infrastructure that kits-out its new Stim Star Angola vessel launched earlier this year. Stim Star Angola will provide Angolan operators with advanced stimulation technology such as acidizing, fracturing, sand control and conformance solutions for the deepwater market. Frac jobs can be remotely monitored from Halliburton’s Real Time Operation Centers (RTOC) or at a client’s site over a secure Insite Anywhere link. Real time data on pressures, slurry rates and prop concentration is streamed during treatment into Halliburton and third party frac analysis applications such as FracProPT, MFrac, StimPlan and Gohfer. Real time data transfer is enabled via the Insite Anywhere RT Data Exporter. Engineers in the onboard Tech Command Center collaborate with more senior technical professional and customer representatives at the RTOC.

The centers enable experts to work concurrently on wells located in different parts of the world, minimize HSE issues by reducing people on board and speeding decision making. They also provide the ideal environment for experienced people to train and mentor the new generation of Halliburton’s engineers. More from

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