Implicit Monitoring radio service tariff tied to Henry Hub gas!

‘Intellisite’ first mile Ethernet solution offers ‘best path communications’ for remote assets.

Dallas-based asset performance monitoring specialist Implicit Monitoring has announced a novel pricing scheme for its radio monitoring service. In response to lower natural gas prices and the need for oil and gas producers to reduce operating costs, Implicit is offering an expanded EFM* whose monthly price is tied to the NYMEX Henry Hub natural gas spot price.

Implicit’s radio-based monitoring solution uses an enhanced polling engine to acquire and display data on Implicit’s flagship ‘Intellisite’ reporting platform or other industry applications. The radio service includes data acquisition, poll on demand capabilities and support for the API 21.1 data collection standard.

Implicit president Scooter Beachum said, ‘By relating the service cost to the price of natural gas, Implicit is continuing to help our customers manage operating expenses. By utilizing existing radio infrastructure, we can deliver cost effective solutions below typical market rates. Our ‘Best Path Communication’ service and application solutions leverage satellite, cellular or radio-based monitoring and the largest field service network in the industry.’ Implicit also offers an asset tracking service with ‘geofencing’ capabilities from an easy to use web interface. More from

* Ethernet in the first mile.

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