Steve Robb on SCADA/Enterprise IT integration

Cygnet Software frees SCADA from ‘engineering-centric’ role, integrates IT infrastructure.

In a webcast this month, CygNet Software VP business development Steve Robb described how SCADA data is available throughout the enterprise. SCADA is no longer limited to its traditional role in real-time data from process applications like oil and gas pipelines. SCADA is breaking out of its ‘engineering-centric’ role and is seeing traction as a component of an IT infrastructure blending engineering data with business information. This lets companies use third-party systems to enhance operational, maintenance and financial business decisions. Robb noted, ‘Integrating existing SCADA systems with the IT infrastructure has proved complex and expensive due to incompatibility of time-series and transactional systems. SCADA has failed to deliver real-time information throughout the enterprise. Today, the technology is there to close the loop. CygNet’s model-driven integration approach and enterprise service bus means that integration is easy and can deliver cost-effective, accurate real-time information to anyone who needs it.’ CygNet has just signed a partnership deal with ESRI to combine its ‘next generation’ SCADA capabilities with ESRI’s geographic information systems. CygNet clients include Apache, ConocoPhillips, Devon, El Paso, ExxonMobil and Shell. More from

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