Enigma’s variation on PARS—speedy backup and recovery

‘Application aware’ asset-level backup automates capture of key project information.

Enigma Data Solutions has announced an extension to its flagship PARS E&P data archival solution. PARS Backup leverages PARS ‘application aware’ routines to provide multi-project, asset-level backup and recovery. PARS Backup automates the backup of diverse application data from geotechnical and office applications.

Traditionally PARS archiving is intended for longer term, multi year data security. Pars Backup targets medium term backups that would typically expire after 6 months when storage media are recycled. Data managers can restore complete projects quickly after system failure or corruption—without the complexity and risk of rebuilding datasets from file system and database backups. Pars Backup captures key project data and metadata from mainstream E&P applications from Landmark, Schlumberger and Paradigm. More from www.enigmadata.com.

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