GE Oil & Gas/VetcoGray teams with SPT Group

Companies aim for ‘digital oilfield’ solution for remote closed loop control and monitoring.

GE Oil & Gas unit VetcoGray is teaming with SPT Group to provide enhanced online flow assurance solutions. This partnership involves tighter integration of VetcoGray’s SmartCenter and SPT Group’s OLGA-based simulators. SmartCenter is a remote conditioning, monitoring and diagnosis facility located at VetcoGray’s service hub in Nailsea, UK. In the longer term, the companies plan to develop common user interfaces and new technologies for closed loop control and condition monitoring to improve subsea operations.

VetcoGray CTO Dean Arnison said, ‘The oil and gas industry is increasingly focused on remote operations and digital oilfield solutions. This deal builds on our experience in subsea control systems and online flow assurance technology to provide a key component of the e-field.’

SPT Group CEO Tom Even Mortensen added, ‘Our aim is to develop our partners’ capabilities of integrating OLGA-based simulators and moving to real-time use.’ Located in Oslo, Norway, SPT Group also markets Drillbench and MEPO. More from and

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