RFID round-up, Merrick Systems, Mojix

Merrick’s kit includes high temperature/pressure ‘diamond’ tags. Mojix targets onshore inventory.

Two RFID-related announcements this month from Merrick Systems and Mojix. Merrick has unveiled its new RFID engineering design kits that let oil and gas companies incorporate Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology into their production and drilling operations. Kits include RFID Tags, equipment and installation instructions for easy implementation of asset-tracking for almost any oil and gas asset. The kits leverage Merrick’s ‘Diamond Tags’ that enable RFID deployment in high temperature and pressure environments. Diamond Tags can be attached to drill pipe, risers, BOP’s, manifolds, valves, diving equipment and many other assets. The ATEX certified tags operate in up to 20,000 PSI pressure and 1,210°C temperature. More from merricksystems.com.

Mojix’ Insight is a passive RFID real-time location system (RTLS) to locate and track goods and assets in warehouses, storage yards and corporate facilities. Mojix Insight integrates enterprise systems, provides dynamic business logic and real-time imaging and mapping of assets. More from www.mojix.com.

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