BP’s ‘refiners of the future’ report mega savings with PlantTriage

Frontiers Magazine article claims annual cost savings of $1-2 million per refinery.

In the latest issue of online Frontiers magazine*, BP’s ‘Refinery of the Future’ team has been working with control systems specialist Expertune on the deployment of its PlantTriage performance supervision system. PlantTriage connects to existing control systems and monitors control loop and equipment health. Project lead Lakshman Natarajan was quoted as saying, ‘We have customized parts of PlantTriage to our particular needs. For example, the software’s communications protocol was strengthened to meet our IT security standards. This and other enhancements will be incorporated into future product releases.’

BP, with PlantTriage deployed in seven out of its eleven refineries, is now a leading user of PlantTriage. Benefits of $1-5 million per year per refinery are being realized. Oil IT Journal reported on another successful PlantTriage deployment by Iberdrola in our report from the 2008 OSIsoft User Group (OITJ November 2008).

* www.oilit.com/links/0905_2.

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