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Geosoft has announced its Geochemistry for ArcGIS extension for GIS-enabled geochemical QA and analysis.

Nvidia has teamed with Chinese geophysical services provider GeoStar on a ‘transformational’ hardware/software combo for seismic processing. Tests at the Chinese Academy of Sciences show a 600 fold speedup on a 24 Tesla GPU-machine over a 66 CPU cluster.

An independent evaluation of algorithms used in Meridium’s asset performance management software by Joel Nachlas of Virginia Polytechnic Institute has determined them to be ‘accurate implementation of state-of-the-art methods for reliability estimation.’

Petrosys has integrated its mapping capability with the geophysical workflows of SeisWare International’s eponymous seismic interpretation package.

Blue Marble Geographics’s new GeoCore is an all-in-one geospatial data translation toolkit for manipulation of coordinate, geometry, vector, CAD, raster, and LIDAR data.

Confidex has launched ‘SteelByte,’ an RFID tag with 512 bits user memory and a unique tag identifier number and a 13 foot read range on a metal surface.

Pitney Bowes ’ has announced Encom PA 9.0 with advanced visualization, data analysis and a new focus on ease of use and management of potential field and raster data.

Energy Solutions has announced V 5.2 of its PipelineOptimizer solution with predefined ‘helper’ models, improved reporting and graphics and new equipment schematic elements.

Geotrace has released GeoBrowse 3.2, the latest version of its geographical integration system (GIS). The new release extends functionality and compatibility with Google Earth, Virtual Earth, Petrel, Petrosys and Kingdom Suite.

The V9.0 release of Geovariances’ Isatis geostatistical flagship supports georeferencing of PNG images, ‘point’ kriging and multithreaded simulations. The new release includes the latest developments in moving-geostatistics and multivariable recoverable resource estimation research.

Geographic Technologies Group is integrating its ESRI ArcGIS Server-based Geo Blade solution with CartoPac’s Field Server to speed field data capture.

Industrial Defender has announced its ‘Fourth Generation’ technology suite with enhanced SCADA/cyber security protection for several verticals including oil and gas and chemicals.

Intellog has released ‘Onramp,’ a free search engine for Canadian ERCB Directives and the full text of well licenses, drilling activity and pipeline data back to 2001. More from

New Century Software has been granted an exclusive license to sell the Nysearch cased pipe integrity assurance model to the oil and gas pipeline industry. The model lets operators prioritize pipeline integrity management actions and improve safety, save costs and help comply with federal regulations.

P2 Energy Solutions has announced ‘Tobin All Access,’ a new licensing model offering wide access to state and county maps from the Tobin SuperBase map data at a national or regional level.

Paradigm Skua 2009 release now bridges interpretation and modeling in what is claimed as ‘the first, truly integrated workflow between seismic and geologic interpretation and modeling.’ New stratigraphic interpretation modeling allows for concurrent stratigraphic interpretation, geochronological modeling and 2D seismic paleo-restoration. Parallel processing reduces computation times by a factor of eight. A new ‘engineering modeling’ solution provides ‘unbiased’ flow simulation grids and a collaborative environment for geoscientists and reservoir engineers.

Version 6.2 of Petris’ WindsEnterprise heralds a move from ArcIMS to the ArcGIS engine. New user role functionality improves administration and security. ‘Google-like’ global search pinpoints information in multiple databases. Petris’ DataVera solution now works with non-SQL data stores

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