Mark Logic targets upstream with structured documentation

‘Geo-faceting’ and ‘geo-bucketing’ technology for high accuracy search of upstream information.

In a webinar this month, enterprise content management specialist Mark Logic showed how its XML-based content management system, the MarkLogic Server can be used to support targeted query across text and structured information. The webinar focused on the delivery of critical information in a geographical context to engineers in the field. Mark Logic reports that an unnamed US major is using the tool to ‘speed access’ to information and geographic context for improved decision-making and troubleshooting. MarkLogic uses ‘geo-faceting’ to represent the results of a search over a geospatial area and geo-bucketing to show search result densities as ‘heat maps.’

The MarkLogic Server stores text and metadata tags in XML. Documents can be repurposed leveraging real-time analytics to uncover hidden facts and relationships inside enterprise content, helping knowledge workers ‘mine’ the text database for new opportunities. The Server combines existing structure and contextual metadata and enriches it to provide a ‘more granular’ view of content regardless of format or source. Tools such as ‘co-occurrence analytics’ are used to identify commonly occurring pairs of entities.

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