Stochastic Simulation, ISA team on history match ‘breakthrough’

Australian company’s Stochastic Reservoir Engine fruit of twenty years R&D effort.

Western Australia-based Stochastic Simulation Ltd. (SSL) is teaming with high performance computing (HPC) specialist ISA Technologies to offer oil and gas companies an ‘innovative reservoir management service.’ SSL’s Stochastic Reservoir Engine (SRE) uses advanced math and high-end processing to perform history matching ‘in a fraction of the time’ taken by conventional software packages. The SRE ‘quantifies field development uncertainty far more accurately than is currently possible.’

A prototype of the SRE was developed over a twenty year period by Andrew Wadsley, of the Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia. Wadsley is a mathematician, petroleum engineer and consultant on reservoir management and production optimization. He previously developed and marketed a suite of integrated ‘reservoir-to-market’ planning and production tools, marketed by Optimiser Digital Management.

ISA Technologies MD Sil La Puma said, ‘ISA Technologies has established market links to the oil and gas industry through the provision of specialist services and HPC for seismic work. The alliance with SSL lets us leverage these relationships to provide a service to the oil and gas industry that will revolutionize the way reserves are determined.’ SSL’s SRE was a winner in the industrial application category of the Australian Information Industry Association’s 2009 ‘iAwards.’

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