ETL Solutions ‘DataPort’ for SAP, WITSML, PPDM

New Transformation Manager tools herald return to company’s upstream roots.

ETL Solutions has announced the ‘DataPort,’ a ‘packaged’ adaptor for SAP, and other supply chain and project management tools. ETL’s DataPorts embed its Transformation Manager (TM) data integration platform. ETL’s roots are in the upstream. It started life as a management buyout of Prism Technologies whose early work on data transformation was sponsored by Shell and POSC, now Energistics. Since then TM has seen successful deployment in financial services and other verticals.

Today, the company is returning to its upstream roots. As ETL’s Karl Glenn told Oil IT Journal, ‘We have been going through an expansion and reorganization and will be renewing our focus on E&P technical data management. We are about to launch new DataPorts for specific data models such as WITSML and PPDM. These new DataPorts will provide service-based data integration of WITSML servers, PPDM data sources and other applications, systems, and work processes.

One satisfied user of the TM is ExxonMobil’s Jim Boud who described TM as ‘an extremely intelligent tool that can handle even the most complex data migration scenarios.’ Boud recommends the tool to anyone needing to transform complex datasets and commended ETL’s ‘exceptional’ customer support.

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