CygNet upgrade combines SCADA and GIS

New release consolidates geographic information systems, process control and ERP.

A new release of CygNet’s eponymous application is claimed to be the first product to combine a geographic information system (GIS) with operational SCADA data. CygNet V 7.2 lets both GIS and SCADA systems maintain their own data sets, avoiding the need for data replication. CygNet deploys a ‘network-centric’ architecture as used in modern high-bandwidth video and imaging systems to deliver high data volumes to applications and end-users.

CygNet CEO Chris Smith said, ‘Our platform aggregates data from diverse field and business systems and delivers contextually relevant, real-time information to every corner of the enterprise. CygNet provides the right information to the right people at the right time.’

The new release integrates ESRI’s ArcGIS toolset to consolidate GIS-based asset information, SCADA data and information from business applications. By locating monitoring and alarm information on a map, users can better analyze historical trends and react to current conditions.

The new release also offers enhanced historical data management and visualization. An enhanced gas measurement repository replicator reduces network constraints, optimizing flow data collection and distribution. CygNet claims over 100 oil and gas producer customers, including ‘most of the top 10’ major independent gas producers in North America.

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