SentryNet wake up call saves production shutdown

Remote monitoring technology from Baker Hughes catches equipment failure in real-time.

Baker Hughes reports that its SentryNet remote tank level monitor recently avoided the shut down of an offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico and saved the operator $70,000 in lost production. SentryNet sent an automated email to the Baker Hughes manager indicating that a low usage condition had occurred on the demulsifier injection system. A call to the operator confirmed the pump failure and corrective action was taken, allowing production to continue without incident. This entire monitoring and alert process occurred independently of the operator’s local automation package. SentryNet provides a radio and satellite connection from remote devices such as the tank level monitor to Baker Hughes ‘Beacon’ completion and production operations center located at the Baker Hughes Center for Technology Innovation (CTI) in Houston.

In a separate announcement, Baker Hughes reveals some interesting statistics on a recent extended reach drilling operation on StatoilHydro’s heavy oil Grane field in the North Sea. Again, the Beacon system allowed for remote control of operations from Stavanger. The Inteq ‘AutoTrak’ drilling and evaluation system allowed for a ‘flawless’ single-bit run of 4,305 meters. DeepTrak logging while drilling allowed the trajectory to steer clear of both oil water contact and the overburden, delivering ‘close to 100% net to gross.’ More from

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