Petrobras builds new CENPES research center

Expanded R&D center will house seismic processing and twin state of the art virtual reality centers.

Petrobras is expanding its Cenpes* R&D facility in Rio de Janeiro into what is claimed to be one of the largest such establishments in the world. The award-winning design, by architect Siegbert Zanettini, houses several state of the art environments in a 300,000 square meter building.

Petrobras’ seismic data processing center will be housed in the new Cenpes along with a new virtual reality center for 3D simulations.

Two immersive VR centers will equip the Cenpes. A collaborative three-sided environment will leverage Barco’s HoloSpace projection system. Another enclosed, immersive environment will deploy Mechdyne’s Cave VR environment. Petrobras already has two legacy VR environments, ‘Galileo Space’ and the 3D Viewing Lab (LabVis). The Cenpes building received a Holcim sustainable construction award for ‘energy and environmental design.’ The environment is said, to ‘favor creativity and innovation, driving researcher productivity.’

The University of São Paulo (USP) conducted energy saving studies that have resulted in optimized power use and a 50% independence from the grid thanks to an on-site 15 megawatt gas cogeneration plant. More on VR in Petrobras on page 1 of this issue.’

* Centro de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento.

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