Intergraph and SightLogix offer intelligent video surveillance

GPS-enabled video analytics system integrated with control system to provide ‘domain awareness.’

Intergraph has integrated SightLogix’ intelligent video sensing devices with its geospatial decision support solution to provide real-time detection of security threats and incidents. SightLogix’ GPS-based video analytic sensors detect, track and zoom in on intruders and are capable of operating over large perimeters and outdoor areas. When linked with the Intergraph system, GIS-registered target data on size, velocity and bearings of a detected target are combined into an actionable, common operational plan.

SightLogix’ automated, GPS video analytics are used to ‘lock down’ perimeters and buffer zones. The Intergraph system displays and fuses multiple sensor activities into a single picture to provide ‘domain awareness.’

SightLogix CEO John Romanowich said, ‘Geo-registered detection capabilities are best leveraged by a GIS-capable command and control system. Knowing the location and nature of a security intrusion is essential for areas with a large community of responders.’

The combined system was deployed by engineering firm Quatrotec to protect San Francisco international airport, where the SightLogix thermal sensor along with the airport’s ground radar system have been integrated with the Intergraph control system. The companies note the suitability for such a solution in the oil and gas/petrochemical vertical.

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