N4 Systems Field ID Safety Network gains traction

Safety equipment and heavy lifters join RFID-based traceability and compliance solution.

Several equipment manufacturers have sworn allegiance to N4 Systems’ Field ID Safety Network (FIDSN). N4 Systems FIDSN uses radio frequency identification (RFID) chips to provide safety equipment traceability throughout the supply chain and during operations. N4 Systems combines RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, wireless handheld devices and network integration to support ‘paperless’ safety compliance and inspections.

This month, material handling products specialist Columbus McKinnon joined the FIDSN. Columbus will now offer its clients traceability of its product line and will offer its suppliers and customers automated sharing of safety critical data. Lifting clamp manufacturer J.C. Renfroe and Sea-Fit, a manufacturer of lifting and mooring products, are also to join the Network.

N4 Systems also announced that it has expanded its inspection and safety compliance management system to include crane inspections.

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