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ESRI PUG/Energistics metadata, OGC data quality, Google’s O3D, energy e-business, RESCUE.

A combined ESRI Petroleum User Group/Energistics meet took place last month to discuss a proposal for a geographic metadata exchange standard for the petroleum industry. Participants recommended the development of an oil and gas profile based on the ISO 19115 metadata standard. A position paper is planned for distribution this summer. Parties interested in taking part in the process are invited to join the workgroup.


Victor Minor (Blue Marble CTO) has been named chair of the Open Geospatial Consortium’s data quality work group and 1Spatial’s Matt Beare as vice chair. The work group’s mission is to establish an interoperable framework of quality assurance measures and web services to enable ‘access and sharing of high quality geospatial information and to improve geographical data analysis.’

The OGC has also founded domain working groups for hydrology and meteorology with the idea of advancing interoperability. Meteorology standards are intended to fulfill the needs of the World Meteorological Organization and to ‘benefit the world weather, water and climate data users and producers.’


New software from Google sets out to accelerate take up of browser-based 3D graphics. Google’s ‘O3D’ comes as a plug-in for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Google’s own Chrome browser. A JavaScript API provides access to GPU. Ultimately thick client applications such as Google Earth could run in the browser.


The OASIS e-business standards body has floated the idea of an ‘Energy Market Information Exchange’ (eMIX). A technical committee is to develop a data model and XML vocabulary to enable collaborative and ‘transactive’ use of energy. The standard sets out to provide interoperable exchange of price and bid information, availability, quantity and characteristics of traded fuels.


Energistics’ Rescue modeling division is asking for input on 3D model metadata. Items under discussion include a possible alignment of Rescue units of measure with WITSML, the use of projection codes from the European Petroleum Survey Group and other property type, coordinate system and datum issues.

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