eLynx Technologies offers web-based remote well surveillance

WellLynx XI uses low orbit satellites to deliver compressor status, tank levels and alarms.

Tulsa, OK-based eLynx Technologies has announced WellLynx XI, a new data communications solution for remote well locations. WLXI combines satellite communications and intelligent input/output technology into a remotely configurable package for oil and gas producers. WLXI plugs into rig site data sources such as eLynx’ own SCADALynx and uses lossless data compression to minimize data charges.

eLynx head of sales Ray McDaniel said, ‘The system is more flexible than most satellite well monitoring devices solutions. Its instant alarm capability and robust communications path via the Iridium satellite network make WLXI a highly reliable well monitoring system.’

Iridium’s low-earth orbiting satellites provide voice and data services for areas not served by terrestrial communication networks. WLXI alarms can trigger e-mails to users and updates to the web interface within two minutes. eLynx CIO Ryan McDonald added, ‘Users can check compressor status, tank levels, casing and tubing pressures, flow rates and even valve positions over the web.’

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