IBM System X iDataPlex for Tricon Geophysics

New high performance computing solution provides 25-fold performance hike and 40% energy saving.

Seismic processing boutique Tricon Geophysics has deployed a data processing infrastructure from IBM. The System X ‘iDataPlex’ is a large-scale solution designed for locations which are ‘constrained in power, cooling or space.’ The system comes with the new Intel Xeon 5500 quad-core chips running at 2.93 GHz. Dual processors and 64 GB memory per node are possible with internal storage of up to 12 terabytes per 3U chassis.

The ‘iDataPlex’ is said to provide a 25-fold improvement over Tricon’s previous system along with 40% energy saving. A second system built around an IBM x3950 server offloads pre-processing tasks from the iDataPlex. Both systems operate on Red Hat Linux.

Denver headquartered Tricon claims to be Venezuela’s leading provider of seismic processing services from its Caracas location. The company uses Paradigm’s seismic processing software including Geodepth, Voxelgeo and Vanguard. Tricon also runs the Apex 2000 pre-stack curved-ray time migration software package running on a 128 multi-node PC cluster.

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